Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole!

Because You're An Annoying Whiny Fuckwad

Welcome Asshole!

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on September 6, 2009

You have been directed to this blog because your whiny-ass titty-baby complaining about how some blogger is not blogging correctly has pissed someone off enough that they want you to Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole!

You can get a free fucking blog at WordPress or Blogspot. DO IT!


31 Responses to “Welcome Asshole!”

  1. ivyleaves said

    You shouldn’t blog about this, everyone knows it already, so you are being too kind to the person. Just call them an asshole, they will never change anyway. (love it)

  2. Twisty said

    “Titty-baby” seems a little milquetoast. Why not “cuntalina”?

  3. “Titty-baby” seems a little milquetoast. Why not “cuntalina”?

    If you don’t like Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog, Asshole, then get your own motherfucking blog, asshole! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I actually object to your failure to place a comma correctly in this sentence:

    …not blogging correctly has pissed someone off enough that they want you to Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog [,] Asshole!

    You are clearly doing it wrong.

  5. bikemonkey said

    Your color scheme is annoying and hard to read…why don’t you change to a primary color like blue or something?

  6. I came to this site expecting real content—in fact, I demand real content. Clicking ain’t easy.

    I’m definitely reporting this blog to someone who cares.

  7. slythwolf said

    This blog is supar, supar awsum and I love the way you write! There’s just one thing, you should write moar about puppies. Everyone loves puppies!!!1

  8. You’re being too motherfucking nice using the word “welcome”. Why not just use the simple salutation of “asshole”? These whiny-ass titty-babies don’t need to be greeted in any way, shape or form.

  9. Enchanté, GYOMBA!

  10. Pascale said

    Links to this site will help with that 140 character limit on Twitter. But I don’t see the term “goatfucker” anywhere. A bit disappointed.

  11. Oh fuck you, PeePee. Just to show you how much FAIL this blog is, I’m off to delete my blog.

  12. Isabel said

    We could use a “You’ve GOT Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole!” site to send people to as well:)

  13. I hate you and your goddamn Yankees gnome, too. Where do you get off, asshole? This is a motherfucking pathetic excuse for a motherfucking blog.

  14. You have not answered my concerns. I am leaving and never coming back here again.

  15. drdrA said

    Your header is, well, kind of bland, and orange the color of our football rival school… change that fucking header!

  16. Zuska said

    This does not seem like a very scientific approach to dealing with reasonable questions and complaints. It makes me wonder if you are not a real scientist. You call yourself “Physioprof” and yet you are not willing to engage in scientific debate. What are you afraid of?

  17. Because I am a blogger, I am uniquely qualified to tell you how to blog on your blog. You are not blogging according to my ideal of blogging (detailed in a 40-page multi-font monograph which I have just emailed to you, and which I am sure will soon be published by a major peer-reviewed journal with whom I am in sensitive negotiations). Your failure to adhere to my blog paradigm is inexcusable, and evidence of your unjustifiable and extremist political practices, such as deep frying babies. Why, if your pathetic extremist blog is not worth my time, am I bothering to post this long rant, you may ask? That is a remarkably perceptive question for such an idiot as you! It is, of course, because I am concerned for your immortal soul. This proves I am not only a better blogger than you, but a better person also.

    (And since we are on the topic, I am also a better scientist than you OR that Zuska person, who clearly has nothing more important to do than comment on people’s blogs. What a loser! Get a life!)

  18. I just send the motherfuckers here,

    It’s so much easier and gets directly to the message I am sending.

  19. Kea said

    LOL! Keep ’em guns blazing, prof.

  20. jc said

    but but but…. you’re ignoring the Nice Peeple. I’m concerned about the future of Care Bears tea parties.

  21. Everyone should have a blog. In fact, I recommend posting something that will get you fired.

  22. Physiogroupie IV said


  23. Dear Sir,

    I just received the following text within a comment on my blog in response to my defense of two frequent commenters who called out this joker:

    Mr. Pharmboy if these are the types of “real people” with whom you “have had e-interactions with for over three years,” I would be careful with what information you are gleaning from them and how much credence you offer these interactions. Their comments have nothing to do with, “peer-reviewed literature … deserving of post-publication criticism.” They seek to be nothing but inflammatory and venomous.

    How does one go about applying to this blog for a post to be constructed for this type of asshole to be redirected? This person does not have a blog (surprise) and is dumping irrelevant literature citations in comments that are longer than my own posts.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration and advice.
    anonymous natural products pharmacologist science blogger

  24. drugmonkey said

    ANPPSB, tell that commenter to Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog, Asshole!!

  25. Catharine said

    Well, I haven’t been following my regular blog-stops for a few weeks and I have to admit that I just don’t get it. But clearly I’m stupid because I thought it was a compliment when CPP told me to get my own motherfucking blog. Oh well, I have plenty of books…

  26. Galah said

    I love this idea – great works :)

    (I’m not meant to to be here, just following a very good reply to a bleating RWDB that included this link after many failed attempts at reason. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will remove the non-reasonists who hang around good blogs just to drivvel their endless talking points – they stick like shit to a blanket – but I enjoyed it, and it’s worth a shot )

  27. Tobias said

    Blogger writes on naked mole rat. Calls it “sausage with teeth” and “penis with theeth”.

    Commenter complains about language, the use of wikipedia as source, and that that scientists have not cured cancer yet.

  28. drugmonkey said

    kinda small for a penis with teeth…maybe a German penis, I guess..

  29. Tobias said

    yes, unlike in the US, in Germany it is not size that matters but the length of it’s teeth.

  30. El Picador said

    first line of defense against vagina dentata?

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    understanding yet.

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