Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole!

Because You're An Annoying Whiny Fuckwad

Listen to Your 70s Music on Your Own Blog, Asshole

Posted by Isis the Scientist on February 20, 2010

Comrade PhysioProf comes by On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess to be critical of Lady Gaga…

I get that Lady Gaga looks eccentric, but that music is so fucking horrible, I cannot grasp how the fuck anyone can bear to listen to it.

To which I reply:

The owners of this blog do not give two fucks what you can and cannot bear to listen to. If you would like to listen to music you enjoy, I suggest you get your own blog

And he retorts:

You can’t pull that shit on me! It already *IS* my own motherfucking blog asshole!


I hereby postulate that every blog is Comrade PhysioProf’s own motherfucking blog.  Every blog.


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