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Debate-Team FTW!

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 26, 2010

“I’m willing to change my position in the face of a good argument, but no one is helping their cause by calling all my positions “mansplaining” just because I’m a man who disagrees.”

What could be funnier than a clueless fucknut debate-team champeeeen who thinks we live on a planet containing people whose “cause” is not 100 percent indifferent to whether he changes his “position”. The sheer magnitude of this fuckwittitude is very impressive.


3 Responses to “Debate-Team FTW!”

  1. Twisty said

    How did people insult each other before everyone had a blog? Did we just stroll up to people in coffee shops and say “You are an ignorant piece of shit.”? I can’t remember.

  2. Civilion said

    White glove. Slap. Pistols at dawn.

  3. […] old friend high-school debate-team champeeeeeeeeen is not only acting like a ridiculous douchebag again, but he seems to have also lost his moral compass. Posted by Comrade PhysioProf Filed in […]

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