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The Hits Just Keep On Coming!!

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 28, 2010

Poor widdle Hawkd00dche is still sputtering and fuming:

You’re right. Even though this blog got 400% more hits over the past 24 hours than it usually gets thanks to a couple feminist blogs, I should expect to have several allies supporting me if I’m right. And you’re even righter that this lack of support is evidence for your position.

This is a wonderful comment on several levels. First, is the attempt to imply that Hawkd00dche is “winning” because all of this is just a really subtle troll on his part to drum up traffic for his blog. Yeah, 40 hits is 400% more than 10.

And the last sentence is absolute comedic genius. Hawkd00dche is an indefatigable Energizer bunny of high-school debate-team d00dcheitudinosity! He can’t let go of his constricted sphincter-ratcheted conceptual framework of “support” and “evidence” and everyone’s supposed “position” and being “right”, even though everyone but Hawkd00dche has long ago moved to the conceptual framework of making fun of an absurd d00dchebag.

He can’t wrap his mind around the facts that (1) no one has *ever* given a single flying fuck whether his “position” is “supported” by “evidence” and, therefore, “right”, (2) that even if a d00d’s “position” is “supported” by “evidence” and is, therefore, “right”, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a pathetic mansplainin’ cockwad, and (3) that the absence of anyone sticking up for Hawkd00dche on his own blog is noteworthy not because it speaks to whether his “position” is “supported” by “evidence” and is “right”, but rather because it indicates that he is such an embarrassing socially inept illiterate d00dchebag that no one has any inclination to stick up for him, and rather only want to watch his self-immolating sideshow antics and laugh their fucking asses off.


6 Responses to “The Hits Just Keep On Coming!!”

  1. carinamarie said

    I have definitely been laughing. I feel kind of bad, though, (not really) because right before I went to bed last I realized he’s just an friendless undergrad in Maine who isn’t very smart…which I guess I should have figured out before this. Oh, well, still waiting for a list of feminists he doesn’t identify as “deep-enders.” I mean, I’m practically begging for him to mansplain to me!

  2. Zuska said

    Hawkd00dche is the gift that keeps on giving. I have no sympathy to spare, knowing that he (and zillions more like him) will find plenty of it with other mansplainers and, sadly, from women who will prop up their sorry little egos and send them back out into the world to rain their mansplainosity down upon the rest of us.

  3. Pedantic Uncle Glenny said

    No, d00d, 40 hits is 300% more than 10. Sheesh – did they stop giving word problems to you youngsters?

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH! Yeah, I meant 40 posts is 400% of 10 posts.

  5. isisthescientist said

    Wait. This is an undergrad?

    Oh Lord.

  6. Helen said

    Wait, he’s that old? I was guessing 13-year-old grounded in his mama’s basement. It blows me away that such an extreme level of ineffectual flailing would come from anyone older.

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