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debate-Team Champeeeeeen Declares Self Winner In Rout

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 27, 2010

Our little friend Hawkins has declared himself the winner of the high-school debate-team champeeeeeeeenship in his fevered imagination:

I hadn’t realized scienceblogs promoted such unfruitful junk, so one can realize my dismay when I walked into this hornet’s nest. That said, now that I’ve got CPP freaking out and falling apart at the seems (oh, false bravado, what a fickle friend you can be), I guess I’m fairly satisfied.

Oh, and since I’m just a caveman man and can’t follow clear directions: Toodles, Suzanne Franks.

I guess we are forced to conclude that our little high-school debate-team champeeeeeeeeen of the world is both a douchebag and a sleazy morally bankrupt liar. That sad thing is that these pathetic loser fanbois that hang around PZ Myers’s and Greg Laden’s blogs have such feelings of pulsating cock-throbbing d00dly manliness as they root and cheer for their heroes to SMASH CREATIONISTS AND FIGHT FOR RATIONALITY AND SKEPTICISM, when they are really just ineffectual little boys still trapped in a world of adolescent fantasy.


One Response to “debate-Team Champeeeeeen Declares Self Winner In Rout”

  1. derrp said

    I am totally stealing this term, “high-school debate-team champeeeeeeen of the world.” LMAO!!!

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