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I Have Been Wrong All Along

Posted by Isis the Scientist on January 27, 2010

White folk are totally oppressed. 

I am sorry for all the white d00ds I told to GYOMFBA.  Clearly, I had no idea the scope of hatred they face.


10 Responses to “I Have Been Wrong All Along”

  1. El Picador said

    Is that a killer dingo dog?

  2. El Picador said

    And not all white folk, Isis. Just “gingers”.

  3. Isabel said

    Ice Ass you racist, classist bitch, he’s just a kid. Lay off already.

    And don’t you have your own blog to spew this shit on?

  4. drugmonkey said

    did you ever notice how people that are used to deploying slurs in their daily speech stumble around when trying to use more socially acceptable descriptors for those classes of people?

  5. isisthescientist said

    DM, you mean like black and hispanic? That was hilarious.

    And, Isabel, this is one of my blogs.

  6. drugmonkey said

    “Mexican” and “Chinese” seemed to give the dude pause.

  7. Isabel said

    What I love is how the blacks and hispanics and Chinese and Jews always use respectful terms when discussing other classes of people. In fact, I suspect the whole concept of slurs was invented by non-hispanic, non-Jewish white people!

  8. kathequa said

    That is one mad ginger who just doesn’t care!

  9. Randomly linked here said

    THTA KID IS ACTUALLY QUITE FUNNY? The video about MIA and all, it’s like he’s actually self-aware, although I can’t say for sure and he’s not funny enough to keep watching.

  10. fed up said

    Awwww! Does someone need a Starbucks and a hug? ‘-)

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