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Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on December 12, 2009

Our old friend Isabel is OUTRAGED!!!11!!ELEVENTY!!11111!!!11!! that the radical feminists at I Blame The Patriarchy are not paying enough attention to the plight of poor white women. While she is still somehow managing to control herself, it is only a matter of time before she goes apeshit:

“trying to claim that it’s all about class”

Trying to bring class into the discussion=trying to claim nothing else exists?

“You’re playing Oppression Olympics, with class being the worst offender.”

Where did I say it was the worst offender? How did saying we should not ignore something turn into me saying it’s the WORST thing ever? How do you get that?

Which is worse – to be considered an angry sex-crazed animal or a pathetic slutty piece of trash? How does someone decide something like that, and why would they even want to?

It seems it’s YOU who are saying it’s all about race. When I counter that class should not be ignored, as it generally is, I’m accused of saying that it’s a BIGGER issue or the ONLY issue.

Why do we have to decide which is the worse thing? Wouldn’t THAT be playing oppression olympics? Actually, the last election finally convinced me that being born female is the worst thing, but that’s just my personal opinion, which no one has actually asked for.

Do you really believe that if a poor white “trash” woman goes missing the police will look for her (and her little dog too) and the media will tearfully report it? Or an old white widow? Or an ugly white lesbian? Why do you lump all white people into one category? Are we all alike to you?

Lacie and Scot Peterson were an extremely photogenic young couple living beyond their means (not some shabby Canarsians) and she was about to give birth to their first child when she disappeared, among many other iconic elements to the story. And, most importantly to this discussion, we all knew, as the police did, that she was dead from the first report.


24 Responses to “LOON ALERT!!”

  1. Twisty said

    If she did get her own blog, she could call it “Circling the Trailers.”

  2. Isabel said

    I noticed you didn’t fill out the privilege meme when it made the rounds on science blogs CPP.

    What is your point anyway? That you are happy with the class system? As long as everyone is equally represented in the socioeconomic classes? (watch out – we’ll have to downgrade more than a few Jews).

    If we solve sexism and racism we’ll all be equal?

    Jill your remark is tasteless and offensive, which actually really surprises me.

    My concern is with scapegoating, as CPP well knows, which is dishonest. I have said nothing loony at all so I find this truly perplexing.

  3. Not this again said

    Will Shetterly, is that you?

  4. bikemonkey said

    If that crack was about poor white trailer trash that was horribly mean. The preferred terminology is dumbfuck appylachian. much less directed at things people can’t really help like poverty and more at things they can help like dumbfuckism. (as distinguished from actually being unintelligent)

  5. Isabel said

    “The preferred terminology is dumbfuck appylachian.”

    another paragon of progressive liberal enlightenment.

  6. El Picador said

    What about this blog strikes you as progressive or liberal Izzy? Buncha drunken fratboys, more like. Maybe you should Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole?

  7. Isabel said

    I was referring to their sanctimonious posts on various other blogs, Picady.

    If you had half a brain in your head you might have figured that out, asshole.

  8. El Picador said

    Oh yeah I can see that Izzy, these douchalouches get pretty uptight sometimes. You don’t actually take them seriously do you?

  9. No way, my Isabella? That’s interesting. I was over at Blame the Patriarch just the other day. Miss Allende is a frequent commentor on my blog. And yet YOU just attacked me on some other person’s blog.

    What a very small worldwide web it is.

    Apparently we have both been called loons by you. That’s interesting too!


  10. Funky Fresh said

    Oh! Oh! Can I name Isabel’s blog? How about Is that one available?

  11. El Picador said

    Maybe I’m missing backstory but that wasn’t very kind, FF. We’re striving for a little civility here…

  12. Funky Fresh said

    Fuck you, Picador. If you can’t pick on the nutters, what’s left? The black folk?

  13. El Picador said

    U r making it worse Funkie

  14. Isabel said

    Hi NS! It looks like we both got caught up in PP’s latest sweep through the feminist blogs, though he waited to attack you elsewhere. PP is very territorial when it comes to the feminist blogs that he imagines he controls. PP has weird, inappropriate White Knight fantasies which he expresses by patrolling the feminist blogs and helping the helpless female blog owners like Twisty “run things”. He also has no sense of humor and becomes agitated when people express original thoughts. And he thinks we’re loony!

    Anyway my statements above were of course taken out of context, and were in response to a particular comment, that white women in general are protected from sexual assault etc based on a few high-profile “missing white woman” stories. Several people agreed with me, in fact I was not the first to object to the notion. It was a long involved discussion, and CPP was not even involved in the thread until that moment. This has been a very disturbing turn of events. Can’t radical feminists run their own blogs?

    And sadly, El Picador, Fucky Face has hit the nail on the head for once. People are very protective of their scapegoats. Imagine a world with no scapegoats. It’s not easy, but if we are true progressives we must try!

  15. Hi NS! It looks like we both got caught up in PP’s latest sweep through the feminist blogs, though he waited to attack you elsewhere.

    Loonabel, you and Noted Scholar have a lot in common besides just being caught up in my latest sweep, and should become totes awesum blog friends.

  16. Funky Freshabel said

    Isabel!!!!! You really are a dumb shit.

    Merry Christmas.

  17. Isabel said

    PP no one cares what you think. I’m sorry I had to call you out on your complete ignorance of your class privilege and reveal you to be a flaming hypocrite. But calling me names “Don’t listen to her she’s crazy!” isn’t going to help.

    We all know how important being ‘enlightened’ is to you. It is one of the ways you think you are better than everyone else. Of course you are doing for the cookies! In fact, you seem to really, really desparately need those cookies.

    All you can do now is attempt to pick up the pieces. I actually feel sorry for you, but hey, if you had just copped to it and examined your privilege, like you constantly demand everyone else do, then you might have held on to your credibility. Another, completely acceptable alternative would be to admit that you are simply a drunken frat boy hatemonger.

    Oh, and another thing you need to work on: Minding your own fucking business. Maybe get a hobby or something.

    Here’s a sample of how popular PP is NOT over on IBTP (which has also lost credibility – I guess class trumps gender when it comes to loyalty):

    Isabel, in response to PP’s arrogant remark “…maybe the internet isn’t for you”: Pee Pee, your entitled roots are showing. Do you have any idea how offensively condescending and inappropriate your tone is on a feminist blog? And why do I seem to be the only person here aware of this?

    Valerie H.: You are not the only one. Many others have expressed their dissatisfaction with PP’s constant reminders that he’s watching! us at all times. Jill is happy to let him stay and it’s Jill’s blog.

  18. Loonabel, what fucking planet are you from?

  19. Isabel said

    Keep flailing. Eventually you will hit bottom and then you can start the healing process.

    Let me know if you need some remedial reading suggestions when you get to that point.

    Sorry PP, no more cookies for you!:)

  20. DrugMonkey said

    Yeah, PP, get a hobby or something….

  21. muttie said

    You guys are wild !. Wonder if you need a vacation. Kind of stressed out ?

  22. Funky Fresh said

    Yeah, PP. No cookies. Or cockies. Or, whatever we’re handing out these days.

    HA HA HA HA AHA!!!!!

  23. Isabel said

    So, Jill may finally be admitting her joke above (comment#1) was classist.

    But when one commenter asks

    July 13, 2010 at 1:06 am

    Didn’t Isabel get banned for trying to fight the class war?

    {retires expecting to be hurt}

    Jill mutters something like “if memory serves, she was banned because she was espousing white supremacy…”

    Unfuckingbelievable. But look, she’s trying!

    Check it out – Nails/skeptifem is in rare form also.

    Also check out

  24. Isabel said

    I am so sick of lying cuntalinas like Nails-skeptifem and Jill Psmith. Fucking lying, stinking whore-alinas! They are STILL spreading lies about me at IBTP and Jill refuses to publish my response. I cannot believe their lies, and Skeptifem’s refusal to take responsibility for how her lies adversely affected me. Even if she didn’t intend to lie she knows now that she was wrong and refuses to admit it, calls me weird for not completely forgetting I was banned, and for not conveniently disappearing from blogs we both hang out on, but meanwhile she’s still yammering about it, and in a forum I can read, but not respond to! Fucking manipulative bitch! As BioE agreed, the supposed offending comment Nails was tattle-taling about was not racist at all.

    But rich blog-owner Jill, nervous about my interest in unpacking class privilege from white privilege, decides to believe Nails and bans me and mocks me (as do others) for trying to defend myself! And now claims that I was making comments that came too close to white supremacy- WTF does that even mean??? Holy shit, man, what is going on with people? And she can’t really remember what happened even though it was recent – well of course, because nothing even happened on IBTP! It was nails’ now debunked tattle-taling! But now we are treated to a spectacularly false revising of history thanks to Jill, Nails, and Comrade S. Nice work ladies!

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