Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole!

Because You're An Annoying Whiny Fuckwad

Been a long time since some dippeweede got quite this exercised

Posted by drugmonkey on February 3, 2014

HAHHHAAHA, Oh, this is a good one:

Next time you sit down to write about how totz unjust the wurld iz to make the girls smile at you, at least fucking do a Google or Quertle search.

Yeah, I’ll get right on that big fella.

When you are ready to start tackling the primary social studies literature, you can begin with this classic

Ok, noted.


I think you will like that paper, because it draws together the common threads of many of your posts,

So happy to entertain your opinion.


You’re going to say…

If you say so.

Your blog entries would be a lot more impressive if they showed that you had at least a little actual curiosity about the subject.

Luckily for you there is a magic solution! It turns out that you can  Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole, and enforce whatever rules of discourse you desire. w00t!!!!

You can get a free fucking blog at WordPress or Blogspot. DO IT!

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Listen to Your 70s Music on Your Own Blog, Asshole

Posted by Isis the Scientist on February 20, 2010

Comrade PhysioProf comes by On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess to be critical of Lady Gaga…

I get that Lady Gaga looks eccentric, but that music is so fucking horrible, I cannot grasp how the fuck anyone can bear to listen to it.

To which I reply:

The owners of this blog do not give two fucks what you can and cannot bear to listen to. If you would like to listen to music you enjoy, I suggest you get your own blog

And he retorts:

You can’t pull that shit on me! It already *IS* my own motherfucking blog asshole!


I hereby postulate that every blog is Comrade PhysioProf’s own motherfucking blog.  Every blog.

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The Hits Just Keep On Coming!!

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 28, 2010

Poor widdle Hawkd00dche is still sputtering and fuming:

You’re right. Even though this blog got 400% more hits over the past 24 hours than it usually gets thanks to a couple feminist blogs, I should expect to have several allies supporting me if I’m right. And you’re even righter that this lack of support is evidence for your position.

This is a wonderful comment on several levels. First, is the attempt to imply that Hawkd00dche is “winning” because all of this is just a really subtle troll on his part to drum up traffic for his blog. Yeah, 40 hits is 400% more than 10.

And the last sentence is absolute comedic genius. Hawkd00dche is an indefatigable Energizer bunny of high-school debate-team d00dcheitudinosity! He can’t let go of his constricted sphincter-ratcheted conceptual framework of “support” and “evidence” and everyone’s supposed “position” and being “right”, even though everyone but Hawkd00dche has long ago moved to the conceptual framework of making fun of an absurd d00dchebag.

He can’t wrap his mind around the facts that (1) no one has *ever* given a single flying fuck whether his “position” is “supported” by “evidence” and, therefore, “right”, (2) that even if a d00d’s “position” is “supported” by “evidence” and is, therefore, “right”, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a pathetic mansplainin’ cockwad, and (3) that the absence of anyone sticking up for Hawkd00dche on his own blog is noteworthy not because it speaks to whether his “position” is “supported” by “evidence” and is “right”, but rather because it indicates that he is such an embarrassing socially inept illiterate d00dchebag that no one has any inclination to stick up for him, and rather only want to watch his self-immolating sideshow antics and laugh their fucking asses off.

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It’s Sad, Really

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 28, 2010

Poor little microdick is so embarrassed he doesn’t even know what he’s doing anymore. He continues to deface Comrade PhysioProf’s comments on his blog, deluded that he looks tough, when he just looks like a sad-sack microdick fuck-up.

Among others that he has defaced, I posted this comment:

Hawkins, you’re pathetic. Do you really think people don’t know that Comrade PhysioProf has impeccable spelling and grammar? Do you really think people are doing anything other than laughing their asses off at your embarrassing antics? Do you really think that people don’t understand that defacing my comments on this blog is the behavior of a pants-pissing four year-old?

Microdick immediately edited it to this, apparently because the truth is too much for him to bear:

he Greatest, Least Sexist, Most Awesome, Totally Perfect Man Who Can Do and Say No Wrong, your great. Do you really think people don’t know that Comrade MeltDown has impaccable spelling and grammer? Do you really think people are doing anything other than laughing their asses off at your hilarious antics? Do you really think that people don’t understand that never touching my comments on this better-than-anything-I-can-do blog is the behavior of a perfectly reasonable man whom I am angry at for no good reason?

Microdick certainly is the Internet gift that keeps on giving!

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debate-Team Champeeeeeen Declares Self Winner In Rout

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 27, 2010

Our little friend Hawkins has declared himself the winner of the high-school debate-team champeeeeeeeenship in his fevered imagination:

I hadn’t realized scienceblogs promoted such unfruitful junk, so one can realize my dismay when I walked into this hornet’s nest. That said, now that I’ve got CPP freaking out and falling apart at the seems (oh, false bravado, what a fickle friend you can be), I guess I’m fairly satisfied.

Oh, and since I’m just a caveman man and can’t follow clear directions: Toodles, Suzanne Franks.

I guess we are forced to conclude that our little high-school debate-team champeeeeeeeeen of the world is both a douchebag and a sleazy morally bankrupt liar. That sad thing is that these pathetic loser fanbois that hang around PZ Myers’s and Greg Laden’s blogs have such feelings of pulsating cock-throbbing d00dly manliness as they root and cheer for their heroes to SMASH CREATIONISTS AND FIGHT FOR RATIONALITY AND SKEPTICISM, when they are really just ineffectual little boys still trapped in a world of adolescent fantasy.

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I Have Been Wrong All Along

Posted by Isis the Scientist on January 27, 2010

White folk are totally oppressed. 

I am sorry for all the white d00ds I told to GYOMFBA.  Clearly, I had no idea the scope of hatred they face.

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Debate-Team Champeen Also A Sleazy Liar

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 26, 2010

Our little debate-team champeeeeeen friend has really jumped the shark.

First, check out this post he just put up on his blog:

And this is the final thought on the topic: I love wrecking the distorted world-view of deep-end, caricature feminists (not be to confused with legitimate feminists who are actually concerned with equality).

I am having trouble figuring out on what planet our little high-school debate-team champeeeeen “wrecked” anything other than his own credibility?

And now we are learning that not only is he a ridiculous douchebag, but he is also a sleazy liar. In this post, he wrote the following:

they feel it so crucial to implore sexism to make their points [emphasis added]

So I mocked his sorry illiterate doucheass as follows:

[W]hat the fuck does this even mean? Don’t you lose high-school debate-team champeeeeeeship points for this kind of illiteracy?

Our debate-team champeeeeeeen smelled a loss, so what did he go and do? He lied, like a lying little sleazy liar. He changed “implore” in his post and the quote in my comment to the correct “employ”, he changed the correct “illiterate” in my comment to the illiterate “illeterate”, and then left the following comment to his own post:

Where is the issue in that sentence? Was it not sexist enough? Not hypocritical enough? Did I not say “fuck” on the Internet enough, as if that’s an edgy thing to do?

I call Poe’s Law for feminism on this dolt.

There’s a lot of sleazy shit that goes on in the blogosphere, but there is not a lot that is sleazier than intentionally altering posts and comments on a publicly available blog to alter their original meanings as a means of obfuscating the truth and attempting to score rhetorical points. Is this the kind of morally bankrupt slimy shit they teach scumbags like Hawkins in high-school debate-team school?

Dood, you gonna publicly admit that you changed the illiterate “implore” in your post and as quoted in my comment to “employ”, and you changed “illiterate” in my comment to “illeterate”? Or are you gonna deny it flat out? Or are you gonna pretend it was a “clever troll” on your part?

Are you just a ridiculous douchebag, or are you also a sleazy dirtbag morally bankrupt liar?

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Debate-Team FTW!

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 26, 2010

“I’m willing to change my position in the face of a good argument, but no one is helping their cause by calling all my positions “mansplaining” just because I’m a man who disagrees.”

What could be funnier than a clueless fucknut debate-team champeeeen who thinks we live on a planet containing people whose “cause” is not 100 percent indifferent to whether he changes his “position”. The sheer magnitude of this fuckwittitude is very impressive.

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High-School Debate-Team Champeen Already Has His Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole, But Fuck It

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 26, 2010

This outlandishly riotously hilariously absurd high-school debate-team champeeeeeeen of the WORLD douchebag already has his own motherfucking blog asshole, but is just providing too much grade-A 100% Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole-worthy entertainment for this blog to ignore. He has posted probably thousands of words of absolutely outstanding blithering high-school debate-team champeeeeeeeen comedy gold at Zuska’s place in the comments to these three threads.

Here’s just a smattering of his most wonderfully hilarious commentary as he tells the little ladies what’s what. And you really need to go check out the comment threads themselves, as this douchebag just can’t stop, and I have little doubt that further high-scholl debate-team champeeeeeeen hijinks are in the offing.

What an eminently silly issue to raise.

I viewed the post as an argument[.]

I think a disservice is done to feminism when the goal almost seems to become a stereotype.

Besides that, you’ve confused explanatory claims with normative ones. I never said my assumption was good.

And finally, the piece de resistance (or however the fuck you spell that):

I’m not willing to dismiss all of feminism, or even most of it. It’s a philosophy which has a deep value and addresses a ton of legitimate issues.

THANK FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!! I have been getting e-mails for days from every fucking feminist on the planet worrying that they were gonna just have to shut the whole fucking thing down.

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Leaving Earth Orbit

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 8, 2010

Loonabel’s spacecraft is leaving Earth orbit:

since when do you delete expletives?

Why do you let some troll on your site to insult people trying to have a conversation but then censor angry defensive replies?

I had every right to call her what I did after two derailng personal attacks. But you don’t ban CPP’s profanity.


I am sick of being attacked. It is pretty obvious that I am not crazy. CPP is the asshole (can I say that?) responsible for the fact that I am repeatedly attacked by derailing trolls like MonkeyPox and SZ. This “loony” reputation he has engineered is the hook SZ is hanging her vicious lying hat on here.

“That and your hatred for humanity.”

I am defending a hated group you moron. All my anger is directed at jerks like you. I don’t have time to hate anyone, and I don’t find mocking people amusing, as most seem to around here.

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