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Leaving Earth Orbit

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 8, 2010

Loonabel’s spacecraft is leaving Earth orbit:

since when do you delete expletives?

Why do you let some troll on your site to insult people trying to have a conversation but then censor angry defensive replies?

I had every right to call her what I did after two derailng personal attacks. But you don’t ban CPP’s profanity.


I am sick of being attacked. It is pretty obvious that I am not crazy. CPP is the asshole (can I say that?) responsible for the fact that I am repeatedly attacked by derailing trolls like MonkeyPox and SZ. This “loony” reputation he has engineered is the hook SZ is hanging her vicious lying hat on here.

“That and your hatred for humanity.”

I am defending a hated group you moron. All my anger is directed at jerks like you. I don’t have time to hate anyone, and I don’t find mocking people amusing, as most seem to around here.

2 Responses to “Leaving Earth Orbit”

  1. Isabel said

    “This “loony” reputation he has engineered is the hook SZ is hanging her vicious lying hat on here.”

    Pretty good line. I guess I will never get the compliments I crave from you jealous jackals, but in a way these lovingly collected quotes are a compliment, and will suffice. Thanks, sicko.

  2. El Picador said

    Just because people lurk, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate you giving these pretentious ScienceBlaarghers the vapors, Izzie! Rock on!

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