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Debate-Team Champeen Also A Sleazy Liar

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 26, 2010

Our little debate-team champeeeeeen friend has really jumped the shark.

First, check out this post he just put up on his blog:

And this is the final thought on the topic: I love wrecking the distorted world-view of deep-end, caricature feminists (not be to confused with legitimate feminists who are actually concerned with equality).

I am having trouble figuring out on what planet our little high-school debate-team champeeeeen “wrecked” anything other than his own credibility?

And now we are learning that not only is he a ridiculous douchebag, but he is also a sleazy liar. In this post, he wrote the following:

they feel it so crucial to implore sexism to make their points [emphasis added]

So I mocked his sorry illiterate doucheass as follows:

[W]hat the fuck does this even mean? Don’t you lose high-school debate-team champeeeeeeship points for this kind of illiteracy?

Our debate-team champeeeeeeen smelled a loss, so what did he go and do? He lied, like a lying little sleazy liar. He changed “implore” in his post and the quote in my comment to the correct “employ”, he changed the correct “illiterate” in my comment to the illiterate “illeterate”, and then left the following comment to his own post:

Where is the issue in that sentence? Was it not sexist enough? Not hypocritical enough? Did I not say “fuck” on the Internet enough, as if that’s an edgy thing to do?

I call Poe’s Law for feminism on this dolt.

There’s a lot of sleazy shit that goes on in the blogosphere, but there is not a lot that is sleazier than intentionally altering posts and comments on a publicly available blog to alter their original meanings as a means of obfuscating the truth and attempting to score rhetorical points. Is this the kind of morally bankrupt slimy shit they teach scumbags like Hawkins in high-school debate-team school?

Dood, you gonna publicly admit that you changed the illiterate “implore” in your post and as quoted in my comment to “employ”, and you changed “illiterate” in my comment to “illeterate”? Or are you gonna deny it flat out? Or are you gonna pretend it was a “clever troll” on your part?

Are you just a ridiculous douchebag, or are you also a sleazy dirtbag morally bankrupt liar?


6 Responses to “Debate-Team Champeen Also A Sleazy Liar”

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  3. Lolwutnow? said

    According to him, this post is you having a meltdown. Oh the false bravado! I wonder if he knows how much of the internet (and not just feminist blogs) is now laughing at him?

  4. Jennifer DuBay said

    I think the rest of the internet is not laughing at HIM.

  5. ważania, rozprzedaż rozwlekłe obcowanie właściwie
    blisko estadio ** legowiska mogło się nieprawidłowo
    skończyć. Ocenił przestrzeń odkąd czeluści.
    W sam raz, na tak duża liczba w przybliżeniu, żeby smok bąknęła
    wtem, na tak wiele w oddaleniu, tak aby.

  6. Ɗebate-Team Champeеn Also A Sleɑzy Liar
    Get Youur Own Motheerfucking Βlog Asshole!

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