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Loonabel Reaches Escape Velocity

Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on January 8, 2010

Loonabel and Communication Is My Field are going at it at DoucheMonkey, and Loonabel has reached escape velocity:

Trolling? You are being the [expletive deleted] troll [expletive deleted]. Explain how I am being a troll. Let’s hear it. I have been involved in a very difficult conversation over here, often answering questions directed at me, and digging up requested refs etc. Why don’t you read a thread before you comment you rude, self-centered fool. Stop derailing the thread. Define your own purpose here.

Right nothing but being a stupid [expletive deleted]. Making stupid comments intended to harrass a specific individual because you are still angry at them for comments they made on a completely different blog on another subject that nobody gives two shits about (I really hit a nerve when I caught your idol in a lie didn’t I?). You should be banned by Drugmonkey for that. We are not on Greg’s blog anymore. Go away.

I have it on reasonable authority that [expletive deleted] was originally “bitch”. Shit like a Loonabel versus Communication Is My Field steel-cage death-match is what makes the Internet so fucking awesome!


4 Responses to “Loonabel Reaches Escape Velocity”

  1. Funky Fresh said

    How long until she’s on 500 blogs talking about how DrugMonkey redacted her? 3…2…1….

  2. Isabel said

    Fucky Face is such a loser. Another stupid jackal obsessed with me.

    And yeah that bitch is a fucking WHORE! However, you will not get your death match, sicko PP, because she is not worthy. I am bored to tears already, and revolted by her vapid spewing.

    CPP, your escalating obsession with me is a little disturbing.

  3. Funky Fresh said

    It is exactly this behavior that leads me to believe Isabel is quite possibly, seriously mentally ill. In that sense, maybe it’s wrong of us to let her play purely as an object of our ridicule until she seeks treatment.

  4. Isabel said

    What a deluded fool. Are you really DuWayne?

    WHAT behavior are you referring to? You are completely unable to make a specific point. In fact, I am pretty sure you never have, asshole.

    And “an object of our ridicule”? WTF are you even talking about?

    You are making fun of me because you are a Jealous Jackal who can’t abide anyone who is smarter or wittier than you. My ideas are so far beyond your comprehension if scares you and you must lash out.

    HAHA a minute ago you were suggesting it was “all a game” for ME.

    make up your tiny mind, Jealous “Fucky Face” Jackal.

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