Get Your Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole!

Because You're An Annoying Whiny Fuckwad


Posted by Comradde PhysioProffe on November 27, 2009

Your blog sucks!. Gee, established investigators whining about not getting enough incentives for their salaries research. Now, students whining about cost of tuition. You obsessive, delusional harassers don’t get the point. What’s all this fuss on problems of “epidemical proportions”?. Get your facts straight. You make a rare event sound like the problem of the world.

I plan to send my children to the first medical school at one of the top-notch business universities in the world. Before making a decision on the future of my son attending medical school, I made sure I have all the facts. I am a co-signer on my son’s loan. It is a modest $456 (x100) on “tuition and mandatory fees per year”. That’s reasonable considering all the benefits and perks:

“Students are charged the full-time rate, shown below, regardless of the number of courses in which they are enrolled”.
The variety of courses is amazing, so much that I am concerned whether my son is going to be able to make a decision. He doesn’t know what to choose:

neuroanatomy, neurobiochemistry, neuroethics, neuropublish, neuroelectronic microscope, neuroNIH-trainingmoney, neuromolecular, neuromouse models, neuroleader, neuromuscle biopsy,neuroedit, neuroworldconferencing, neuropathogenia, neuroprogenitocitosis.

I told him: “Honey, you have to take them all”. This is excellent for the value. And most importantly, you might become one of those medical center leaders getting a 3 million bucks salary (if not double than that). Honey, this is what we are paying for. It’s worth the sacrifice”.

You whiners, stop whining, get your information on the facts and don’t make a bad decision.

This asshole totally needs to get her own motherfucking blog!


4 Responses to “YOUR BLOG SUCKS!”

  1. El Picador said

    $456 (x100)

    ??? Whut?

    $45,600 or $45.6K are both acceptable. That x100 shit is right out. Dumbass.

  2. muttie said

    Just felt like faking numbers so that they look better.

  3. isisthescientist said

    HA HA HA! I had wondered if that was some new type of dumbfuck notation.

  4. El Picador said


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