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The Tale of the Shitty Metaphor…

Posted by Isis the Scientist on September 14, 2009

Act I: Dr. Isis posts a very insightful and incredibly hot discussion on civility.

Act II: Some asshole without a blog shows up asking Dr. Isis why she doesn’t let preschoolers in her laboratory.

Act III: Dr. Isis says, “wut?” and decides that this is a shitty metaphor.  She is informed by said asshole that this is not a methaphor.  He wants to know why Dr. Isis does not allow actual preschoolers in her laboratory to add their contributions at will.  He then evokes the metaphor, comparing preschoolers with “uncivil” adults.  Dr. Isis mentions that while Little Isis’s outburst can be frustrating, they are not without meaning.  She still doesn’t get the part about him in her lab though.

Act IV: Said asshole with no blog continues to demand that Dr. Isis allow Little Isis to work in her laboratory.

Act V: Dr. Isis finally gives up  trying to understand inane and nonsensical metaphors that maybe aren’t metaphors, but maybe are, and tells him to Get His Own Motherfucking Blog Asshole!  Dr. Isis’s eyes bleed.  However, Dr. Isis is still hot.


One Response to “The Tale of the Shitty Metaphor…”

  1. you dont deserve it said

    you dont deserve it. loss… fail

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